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Thank you for visiting the website of Luke Maskell, video game artist. Here you will find some projects, both professional and personal that I have created or worked on. I eat live and breathe video games, and love working in the games industry. My work on this website consists of projects I'm currently working on or have worked on in the past, using various software packages. I've used 3DsMax, Maya, MaxScript, MEL, a bit of Phython, and a fair whack of Photoshop.

I'm currently a Character Technical Artist in Cambridge, working on an amazing project. My day to day consists of rigging, scripting, dynamic setups, explosives, setting up stuff like vehicles and general troubleshooting for the character & design teams.

I'n my spare time, I'm looking into development for Android Mobile. Teaching myself Java and how to make awesome Pixel Art at the moment, with the intention of making a few silly games at home for a hobby.

Feel free to contact me at my personal email: gibbonofdoom@gmail.com !

Current Project

Here's a few rigs I've been working on in my current position.

Look out for the dinosaur Island Hut Helicopter

Awesome Rocket Battles!

Another prototype I was working on with a friend, is a colaboration to make an awesome arcade Cave Flyer. Unlockable weapons! Spaceships! Rockets! Explosions!
Developing the game using the Unity engine, I helped out on a lot of the early artwork for it, and it's currently in it's early stages. Here's a quick pre-alpha video below. Unfortunately due to lack of time at home and other priorities, work on this has halted for the time being.

Plenty more to come in the future!

Unity Prototype

A quick rapid prototype project I threw together in my last job, involving islands and helicopters! Here's some of the work, from a quick sketch up of an idea, to some models I've been working on. Enjoy!

Look out for the dinosaur Island Hut Helicopter

Rigging / Technical Art Video: March 2011

Here's a quick Tech Art compilation of some of my most recent technical work. I've currently been bringing Gusto Games out of the dark ages of character rigging with an animator's dream rig (with input coming from one of our best animators) - as well as tools and shader development to go alongside the character.

Here's some images of the Rig, character, and tools:

Ocean Water Shader / Speedtree 5.2

I've recently had the opportunity to get to grips with Speedtree 5.2, and it's an amazing program, I highly recommend that you check it out! Link.

Here's a tree I've been working on, textures created in photoshop, and additional meshes like the mushrooms were created in 3Ds Max.

Big Wheel! Circuit Board Game Ghost Detector

I've also been working on an ocean water shader technique that uses a single normal map, and two diffuse maps to create a realistic realtime ocean effect. WIP!

Big Wheel!

StickyLock Animation Tool

Check it out on ScriptSpot!

This script is for animators to Lock any object (great for IK controls) to any temporary parent, such as a handrail or a bone etc, and it bakes the animation. The user can choose to snap the control to the center of the object or with the offset still in place (offset is on by default)

ISpy Spooky Mansion (Wii)

I recently finished working on ISpy Spooky Mansion for the Wii. I was an environment/prop/bit of everything artist on this title. This was a brilliant project to be on, really creative and fun making new things every day. Check out the trailer here and the offical website too.

Big Wheel! Circuit Board Game Ghost Detector



© Gusto Games 2010

Nat Geo Quiz! Wild Life

For my previous project, Nat Geo Quiz! Wild Life, a large chunk of my work was for a World Globe. Designated with creating a high resolution 3D globe for use on Playstation 3, XBox 360 and Wii, with information, varying overlays and representive icons for key landmarks around the world this has been a very challenging and educational task! Creating this model and the acommpanying work has increased my geographical knowledge tenfold!

It was created using 3D Studio Max and Photoshop. Here are a few images of the globe, left to right: Standard mode, Rivers Overlay, Temperature Overlay, and Weather Patterns Overlay In-Game.

I was also charged with creating a Frog avatar for Nat Geo, who was found in all sorts of places, running around and interacting with the world around him.

The frog was built, rigged and textured using 3D Studio Max and Photoshop.




© Gusto Games 2010

Ashes Cricket 2009

During the production of Ashes Cricket 2009, I worked as an Environment Artist on the Wii version of the title. I was developing environments both from scratch and converting older models across into compatible scenes for use on the Wii.

Grossing around £3.14 million on the Wii, Ashes Cricket 2009 was a huge success.


IGN Ashes 2009 Wii Preview

Screenshots from Videogamer's Wii Preview

Other Bits

Here's some other bits from games I've worked on or random odd jobs I've done :-)

Older MaxScript Tools

Head Multiresser - This script was used as a quick art tool to apply a multires modifier, whilst preserving neck vertexes and keeping the Skin modifier ontop of the stack. File contains the script, and an example head. Install the script onto your toolbar, select the head and press go.

File contains the script, and an example head. Install the script onto your toolbar, select the head and press go. See script comments for details


Crowd Randomiser - This script was developed as an art tool to help environment artists quickly randomise material ID's on an object. Specifically this was used as an aid for the crowd 'fins' on stadium seating.File contains the script, and an example head. Install the script onto your toolbar, select the head and press go.

File contains the script, and an example scene with crowd 'fins'. Install the script onto your toolbar, grab a bunch of polygons on the crowd and hit randomise. See script comments for details.